2017 College Basketball Tournament Fundraisers

2017 College Basketball Tournament Fundraisers OrgHunter, Inc. & Make My Donation, Inc. Announce Partner’s Gameraisr™ Platform Launch for College Basketball Tournament Fundraisers.

Palm City, FL, March 6, 2017 - The OrgHunter, Inc. and Make My Donation, Inc. alliance, a leading provider of internet-based fundraising technology, infrastructure and processes in compliance with state and federal requirements, announced the debut of Gameraisr™, a web-based platform for running personal college basketball bracket pools for the benefit of any charity.

Gameraisr relies on OrgHunter for real-time selection and vetting of charities and Make My Donation, an IRS 501(c)(3) donor advised fund. for processing donations to IRS sanctioned 501(c)(3) charities.

The Gameraisr platform makes it simple for enthusiasts, philanthropists and charities to organize, host and play online “outcome challenges” based on popular live sports and pop culture happenings. Setup only takes minutes. In addition, Gameraisr scales and provides tools for sharing and spreading the word, explaining the rules, processing credit cards, handling play, managing and reporting results, and navigating legal compliance in all fifty states and with the IRS.

OrgHunter, Inc. maintains and licenses API-based access to a uniquely validated and updated superset database of all IRS tracked 501(c)(3) organizations. Make My Donation, Inc., an IRS approved 501(c)(3) donor advised fund, processes donations, ensures IRS compliant receipting, authenticates first time recipient charities, disburses grants, and provides reporting to both charities and fundraising application providers.

In addition to this spring’s college basketball playoffs, Gameraisr will also offer fundraising games for The Masters, The Kentucky Derby, and the NBA and NHL Playoffs. Candidates for additional Gameraisrs include: football playoffs, golf tournaments, marathons, dog shows, reality TV talent competitions, and entertainment awards.

Gameraiser is a platform of All Good Network, Inc., a company dedicated to making it simple for enthusiasts, charities and philanthropists to organize, host and play charitable outcome challenges that piggyback on the popularity of live events. To kickoff a Gameraisr for your group or charity, go to: www.Gameraisr.com.

The alliance of Make My Donation, an IRS 501(c)(3) donor advised fund, and OrgHunter provides internet-based fundraising technology, infrastructure and processes in compliance with all state and federal requirements. To learn more about Make My Donation, Inc. and OrgHunter, Inc. go to www.makemydonation.org and www.orghunter.com respectively.

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