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OrgHunter.com – Aiming to Be America’s Most Accurate Charity API

There’s a new charity database on the block

OrgHunter.com aims to become the world’s most accurate and valuable charity database resource for non-profit organizations and donors alike. By utilizing the most advanced web, mobile and graphic mapping technologies and maintaining the most up-to-date IRS data, OrgHunter.com will enable donors to make smart charitable decisions with confidence. Launching November 1, the consumer-facing site and accompanying API will feature never before available data and rankings for nearly 2 million U.S. based charitable organizations.

OrgHunter.com aiming to be the most accurate charity API Through the new API, OrgHunter.com will offer geolocation data and their proprietary charity ranking system, which is based on an organization’s data transparency and accuracy, in addition to providing IRS data such as 990 forms. On the other side of the equation are services for charities. Organizations will be able to take control of updating their contact information for free, and if their annual revenue is below $50k, automatically file their 990n Postcard.

Although OrgHunter.com itself is new, the private label technologies behind their services are responsible for managing over $25,000,000 annually and distributions to over 43,000 charities in the United States.

“More Than Just Data” Data Services API The OrgHunter.com API will allow corporations, foundations and other entities to incorporate real-time charity searches directly into their own applications at a much lower cost than current charity information services such as GuideStar. End users will be able to look up charities by location and evaluate them by star rankings, and developers will be able to leverage charts, graphs, and maps to convey this information effectively. For example, imagine an app in which a prospective donor could easily research and find reputable animal-related organizations in their local area that are tax deductible based on the donors current location.

We chose 3scale to open, launch and manage our leading edge API because they offer years of experience in productizing our charity database capabilities. 3scale’s API management experience, combined with our unprecedented collection of industry data, will enrich charity focused websites and applications like never before.” – Lilly DuPont, OrgHunter.com CMO

OrgHunter.com’s customized charity API will include:

  • Specific charity geo-location information including Longitude and Latitude
  • Detailed charity financial data from nearly 600,00 current year tax returns
  • Access to more than 10 million previous 990 and 990ez charity tax returns
  • Access to real-time charts and graphs based on 990 and 990ez tax returns
  • OrgHunter.com’s Proprietary Five Star Charity Ranking based on data availability and accuracy

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