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A Message from the Stuart Martin Chamber of Commerce

Helping charities of all shapes and sizes tell their story to the world! We believe every charity deserves the opportunity to be discovered regardless of size or financial status. It is important to research your charity prior to making a donation. We encourage you to use the map feature below or the advanced search located at the top of the page to find the latest information according to the IRS on your favorite charities. Information on is updated daily enabling donors to make smart charitable decisions with confidence.

Important Map Symbols: Each charity in the county has a symbol associated with their status according to the IRS. Use the legend below to determine the current status of the charity. When viewing icons on the map, click the map icon to view detailed information on each charity.

non deductible Donations are Deductible
non deductible Donations are Not Deductible
non deductible Status Revoked by the IRS
non deductible Charity Profile on Created

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