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Giving Tuesday
If you are being bombarded by appeals and solicitations from nonprofits on Giving Tuesday and don’t know where to turn, can help.

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With the relatively new tradition of Giving Tuesday taking root and spreading across the nation, is the perfect site to help people find the most suitable charities for their donations.

OrgHunter CEO Chris Annase, interviewed on a WPBF-Channel 25 news program in West Palm Beach on Tuesday morning, noted that there are about 2.1 million charities in the United States, more than 70,000 of them in Florida, competing for your donation dollars, not only on Giving Tuesday but year-round.

OrgHunter ( maintains a rich database of information on all of those charities, including each nonprofit’s tax deductibility status according to the IRS, so donors can support a nonprofit in a particular area of the world or in their own backyard. “We work very closely with the IRS and the Office of Foreign Asset Control to make sure that these organizations are well-vetted, that they’re not on any terrorist watch lists, that money-laundering is not happening, so we use these national agencies to make sure that charities are in good standing,” said Annase, who draws on more than 20 years’ experience in the technology and nonprofit fields.

Conventional charity online search tools greatly lack in their ability to present donors with a wide range of charities that may match their interests. “Charity Attributes goes far beyond that by providing potential donors with a comprehensive list of attributes to help identify charities that fit a donor’s goals or philosophy,” Annase said.

OrgHunter's application program interface (API) also makes it easy for charities and nonprofits to take advantage of all the benefits of new technology and the big social changes that come with them. Powerful and popular tools and trends like social media, crowdfunding and the mobile lifestyle can now be used by even the smallest charity or 3rd-party developer to greatly accelerate the fundraising process.

“OrgHunter is dedicated to finding innovative ways to help donors discover, volunteer, donate and engage in charity like never before,” Annase said. “Our goal is to set the standard for providing donors the ability to search for appropriate charities using innovative techniques such as Charity Attributes.”

Josh Cohen and the Home Team

Annase said he has more partnerships in the works, with one that is gaining national attention called That app allows people to ask a celebrity a question after they make a donation to the celebrity’s designated charity.

“This is a very innovative way for new donors to engage in philanthropy who otherwise might not get involved,” Annase said. “It also allows celebrities to support a cause that's near and dear to them. It's absolutely brilliant, celebrities sign in with Twitter and begin raising money for their cause within minutes.”

OrgHunter supports all charities and nonprofits in the United States by connecting them with donors looking to support specific charities or causes.

OrgHunter, based in Palm City, Florida, was one of two Martin County businesses selected to receive a $5,000 county grant through the Business Accelerator Program, which is sponsored by the Business Development Board and Indian River State College to assist, support and train existing businesses in Martin County.

That grant followed quickly on the heels of OrgHunter being named one of two Martin County’s 2015 Small Business Award for its entrepreneurial spirit and contributions to Martin County’s economy.

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