OrgHunter Charity API Enabling More Creative Fundraising With

OrgHunter Charity API Enabling More Creative Fundraising With Palm City, Florida. July 23, 2015

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AskAFamous Logo has partnered with to create a new charity app. The app is based on a simple yet powerful question: If you could ask any famous person a question, who would it be and what would you ask? has partnered with OrgHunter’s API gives app developers access to OrgHunter’s rich dataset of charity information. By making this database available to app developers, and simplifying the coding and integration, the OrgHunter API is leveraging the power of new technology into creative and new ways for charities and nonprofit organizations to raise funds. is a question-and-answer service that begins when users make a donation to a charity while asking a question to a specific celebrity or famous person. Celebrities donate their time to answer the questions, showing their own gratitude for the donation, while incentivizing others to donate their own time or money. targets the growing portion of the population that spends significant time engaging in social media. "This is a very innovative way for new donors to engage in philanthropy who otherwise might not get involved," said Chris Annase, President of "It also allows celebrities to support a cause that's near and dear to them. It's absolutely brilliant, celebrities sign in with Twitter and begin raising money for their cause within minutes".

This is an entirely new model for fundraising. Orghunter’s API is making it easy for charities and nonprofits to take advantage of all the benefits of new technology and the big social changes that come with them. Powerful and popular tools and trends like social media, crowdfunding and the mobile lifestyle can now be used by even the smallest charity or 3rd-party developer to greatly accelerate the fundraising process. was developed in Monterrey, Mexico’s up-and-coming hub for new technology and software development. The company has recently launched their Android and iPhone apps.

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