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Funeral Directors Can Now Deliver Memorial Donations To All U.S. Catholic Churches with a Button Click on Obituary Webpages.

Exclusive Access to 40,000 Parishes and Schools

Palm City, FL - NRP Direct (formerly National Register Publishing) and OrgHunter, LLC announced an agreement whereby OrgHunter will serve as NRP Direct’s exclusive, sanctioned source for The Official Catholic Directory as a database for software and web application programmers serving the U.S. funeral home market.

The agreement and enabling technology make it possible for bereaved anywhere in the world to make memorial donations in honor of the departed to all U.S. Catholic Churches (as well as all other Catholic 501(c)(3)s in good standing) by simply clicking a button on an obituary webpage. NRP Direct offers the most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date reference registries.

Products include: The Official Catholic Directory, The American Art Directory, The Official Museum Directory, Direct Marketing Market Place, and The Corporate Finance Sourcebook. Published each year since 1817, The Official Catholic Directory is recognized by the IRS and United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) as the definitive list of Catholic Organizations in the U.S. that are tax-exempt under the USCCB’s group tax exemption. Updated annually, The Official Catholic Directory also includes comprehensive records of the priests, principals, and other key personnel that serve the Catholic Church in the U.S.

OrgHunter, LLC provides a “giving system” packaged to enable any donor anywhere in the world with internet access to give online through a web page or app to any U.S. charity in good standing. The platform makes it possible for donors to search, authenticate and select charitable organizations and then make a 100% tax-deductible donation with the click of a button, all in compliance with the fundraising and solicitation regulations of the 50 states.

According to Chris Annase, OrgHunter’s CEO, “This partnership is a big win for the Catholic Church, U.S.-based funeral homes and the families they support. Including NRP Direct’s premier data in the OrgHunter platform makes it possible for all bereaved to honor and memorialize the dearly departed with donations to Catholic schools and churches. In addition, the OrgHunter portfolio of technology partners will empower 40 thousand Catholic organizations, individual churches and schools included, to conduct creative and far-reaching online fundraising campaigns using web and smartphone apps.”

Funeral Directors are encouraged to visit to learn more about the In Memory Of Memorial Donation Platform.

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