Giving Days

Giving Days is proud to support Giving Days throughout the United States. Our world-class platform is designed to provide donors and charities with the most sophisticated technology on the market today.

Technology & Architecture

  • Dedicated IT staff
  • Dedicated hosting and redundancy with guaranteed uptime and SLA’s
  • Built on world-class technology used to power millions of websites and applications


  • Security is our number one priority
  • 100 percent PCI compliant transactions

Capacity and Performance

  • Merchant processing handled by the largest, most secure and reliable merchant gateway in the world

How We Support Charities

  • Free dedicated charity profile MicroSite - we go beyond offering charities a simple page or pages during Giving Days - we provide them with a dedicated Charity MicroSite to tell their story to the world. Each MicroSite supports videos, photos, descriptions and other materials related to the charity along with the organization's mission statement and social media campaigns
  • Visit a sample Charity MicroSite
  • Processing of reoccurring donations
  • Charity vetting
  • Technical support for their charity profile and MicroSite

How We Support Donors

  • Up to 770 data points available on over 2.1 million non profit organizations in the United States
  • Your donors will be amazed with our GeoLocation search technologies, allowing them to discover new charities based on their current location
  • Visit our Charity Map
  • Charity Attributes Search Engine - the most innovative method on the market today to match donors with charities based on aligning interests
  • Charity Attributes Search Preview
  • Local engaging maps detailing the charities' current status with the IRS
  • Basic and advanced search tools
  • Shopping carts for multiple donations
  • Processing of reoccurring donations
  • Instant email tax receipts for all donations

How We Support Foundations

  • Real-time reporting
  • Custom dashboards
  • Charity vetting
  • Email campaigns to engage local charities
  • Technical support staff

Development and Other Services

  • Development staff available to meet any advance reporting requirements needed for your Giving Day
  • Provide 24 hours of technical support during the Giving Day
  • The creation of leader boards


  • Donation distribution capabilities to over 1.5 million charities in the United States
  • Payment processing - safely donate via credit cards to reputable nonprofits officially vetted by the US IRS

Partner Technologies and Exciting Mobile Technologies Designed to Engage Donors

  • Round-up applications to incorporate giving on a daily basis
  • Micro-donation applications enabling donors to volunteer from remote locations and drive new revenue to charities
  • Celebrity applications
  • Text-to-give

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