About Us

The new standard in online charity data. OrgHunter is the best software platform for running a philanthropic enabled business. We handle millions of real-time verifications every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world.

The world of charitable giving is incredibly complex for people who want to either establish long-term support for a nonprofit organization or simply make one donation. OrgHunter unravels that complexity for you.

We have identified two core business problems linked to a $400 billion annual charitable giving market in the United States. The first is the explosive adoption of mobile technology and the number of mobile application developers entering the philanthropic fundraising space with groundbreaking ideas on simplifying the donation process and engaging donors. Some of these concepts include gaming, roundups, sporting events, and access to people's time, all in the spirit of raising money for a donor's favorite cause or charity and serving the needs of the next generation of donors. This business problem has been validated as a result of over 1,000 technology companies registering to consume our charitable database and grant processing capabilities.

The second business problem is the decline in newspaper circulation and readership, which has significantly driven up the cost of posting meaningful obituaries. Newspaper obituaries are now being replaced with links to funeral homes websites, where family and friends can read the full obituary and obtain details on a loved one's service arrangements. This trend has driven funeral website traffic into a big online business, specifically online flower sales and new revenue for funeral directors. Funeral home's websites are now responsible for informing visitors of the family's wishes for memorial donations and charitable contributions. The shift to online obituaries has created an immediate demand for real-time vetted and reliable charitable data, donation processing, and state compliance related to fundraising online on funeral home websites. This business problem has become more evident due to 300 funeral homes adopting our In Memory of Platform supporting memorial donations.

OrgHunter.com offers comprehensive data and charity vetting on 2.5 million charities in the United States, along with grant processing to 1.9 million eligible organizations and finally, compliance in all states that require registration related to online charitable fundraising. Our platform has successfully solved this business problem for over 1,000 application developers and 300 funeral homes during our early-stage launch in 2016-2017.