EIN: 462754433

FITCHBURG, WI 53713-3217 USA

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Kappa Beta Gamma International Inc Status According to the IRS

Kappa Beta Gamma International Inc is headquartered in Fitchburg, WI, and is a 501(c)(7) organization. EIN: 462754433. Donations are tax-deductible. The IRS NTEE classification code is B83, Student Sororities, Fraternities within the Educational Institutions and Related Activities category. The IRS ruling year for tax exemption was March, 2016.

Mission Statement


Contributions are not deductible.
Unconditional Exemption
March, 2016


Pleasure, Recreational, or Social Club
Student Sororities, Fraternities
Educational Institutions and Related Activities
Central - This code is used if the organization is a parent (group ruling) and is not a church or 501(c)(1) organization.
All organizations except 501(c)(3)



(all other) or 990EZ return
No PF return

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{"code":"200","msg":"OK, all went through!","data":[{"ein":"462754433","charityName":"KAPPA BETA GAMMA INTERNATIONAL INC","url":"http:\/\/www.orghunter.com\/organization\/462754433","donationUrl":"http:\/\/donate.makemydonation.org\/donate\/462754433","city":"FITCHBURG","state":"Wisconsin","zipCode":"53713-3217","start":0,"rows":20,"recordCount":1,"score":1,"acceptingDonations":0,"category":"Educational Institutions and Related Activities","eligibleCd":0,"deductibilityCd":2,"statusCd":0,"website":"","missionStatement":"","parent_ein":1,"latitude":"41.469875","longitude":"-72.912766"}]}